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Society Publications

The Society has published a number of books about the area over the years.

The items are currently on sale in Rainhill Library. You can also buy on line by credit card.

Our latest book, “A History of The Hall, Rainhill”, tells the story of Rainhill House, built almost two hundred years ago. It was originally the private residence and family seat of the Bretherton family and later became a Jesuit retreat and spiritual centre known as Loyola Hall.

The Oakdene Hospital book was published in November 2018 as part of our celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. The publication is based on an autograph book kept by Edith Lidstone, a nurse at Oakdene VAD hospital during WW1. It contains entries made in the autograph book by soldiers convalescing at the hospital and provides some background to each of them and to the origin of the hospital itself.

In September 2014 we issued "Rainhill Remembers the First World War" which contains some of the material that was in our exhibition marking the start of the War.

"Rainhill's Past in Pictures" was published in 2010. As well as text describing life in Rainhill over a century and more, it contains more than 200 pictures of life in the area during that period.

Our two earlier publications are "The Story of Rainhill", a history of the area written in the 1960s by Robert and Florence Dickinson and updated with additional material in 2002 , as well as "A History of Transport through Rainhill", by Florence Dickinson.

We also have packs of notelets, illustrated by line drawings of Rainhill.

Details of all these items are below. Click on each picture to see a larger image.

If you buy through this page payments are handled by PayPal and your card details are not sent to Rainhill Civic Society.

For any queries about payment on line or for further information about the items for sale please email info@rainhill-civic-society.org.uk

We welcome purchasers from all over the world. UK prices are given below.

If you are ordering from outside the UK please follow this link to our non-UK page, where the items are listed again, together with postage charges for various regions.

Rainhill Hall book - cover

A History of the Hall, Rainhill; Price £3.00

Price including UK second class postage £4.00

Oakdene book - cover

Oakdene Hospital book based on Edith Lidstone's Autograph Book 178 pp.; illustrated. Price £10.00.

Price including UK second class postage £13.00

Booklet about WW1 exhibition

Rainhill Remembers the First World War; Price £2.00.

£3.00 including UK postage.

Story of Rainhill - cover

The Story of Rainhill; 30 pp. Price £3.50.

£5.50 including UK postage.

Past in Pictures - cover

Rainhill's Past in Pictures; 98 pp. Price £7.50.

£11.00 including UK postage.

Transport - cover

A History of Transport Through Rainhill.; 39 pp. Price £2.50.

£4.50 including UK postage.

two book offer

Special Offer; Save £2.00; World War I booklet plus the Oakdene book; Price £11.00.

£14.00 including UK postage.

Picture of pack of notelets

Pack of six notelets Sketches of Rainhill scenes by Jill Dagnall; blank inside. Price £3.00.

£4.00 including UK postage.