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The Home Front

These pictures give an impression of what life was like in Rainhill during the First World War. You can see images of messages sent from the front and a bit about what was going on at home.They were first presented as part of a slide show at our exhibition in September, 2014.

Click on a picture if you want to see a larger version.

We thank the many people who loaned us their memorabilia for the displays.

 Chikdren watch
Village children watch
the troops go on their way.;

 Message from King and Queen
The King and Queen send
a Christmas message.

  Embroidered card

Embroidered cards were sent from the front to mothers and fiancees.

Embroiderd easter card

Easter card 

 Easter message

Picture card 
A popular image.

This one passed the censor.

Some messages
were dreaded...

 News about wounded.
...and bore bad news

Sympathy letter 
Sympathy was rather

Sympathy letter 
King George was
a bit warmer.

 Wedding report
But there were some
happy events.

Incompetent thieves 
And some bizarre ones.

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