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Rainhill Civic Society

Becoming a member

Membership of the Society is open to all Rainhill residents and to anyone who supports the aims of the Society. The annual subscription for one person is currently 5.00. For more than one person at the same address the joint subscription is 7.00. The Society's year runs from April to March but subscriptions are usually collected in September, prior to the main programme season. The subscription for anyone joining from January onwards in any year runs until the end of March in the following year.

Because of the limitations to our activities during the Covid restrictions we have extended current members' subscriptions until September 2021.

Members' subscriptions are used for the everyday running expenses of the Society, such as room hire, speaker fees, insurance, as well as for special projects, though we apply for grants for some of these. Full accounts are presented at the AGM each April. The Society organises occasional members-only events in addition to the main programme of open meetings.

You can join at any meeting - please introduce yourself to a committee member or officer of the Society. You can also submit an application by completing an on-line form. follow this link If you are in Rainhill someone will then call to collect your subscription. If you are elsewhere we will get in touch with you.

If you have any queries about membership or any other aspect of the Society please email rainhill.civic@gmail.com

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