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Rainhill Civic Society

Rainhill pictures

The photographs on this page are intended to give you a taste of what Rainhill is like. They show a few locations in the centre of the Village. If you've never been to Rainhill they'll give you an idea of what you might see here.If you've left the area you can see what it is like these days. Of course, we've had to miss out a lot , but you should get a idea of the place. The pictures were taken on 25th May 2013, apart from the last one, which is more recent. There are more pictures on the Millennium Map page and those date from early in 2000

Click on a picture if you want to see a larger version.

This page replaces a set of pictures taken in 2001. If you would like to look at those to see if anything's changed follow this link.

If you have reached this page directly via a search you may like to visit the rest of our site at rainhillcivic.org